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After School Gardening Classes – Garden Club

Gardens build community. This is our focus in creating an after-school gardening club activity. Gathering a wide range of school community members, students, staff, parents and other interested volunteers from the community is an amazing way to not only ensure a school garden is sustainable, maintained and healthy, it’s also a great way to create connection and community throughout the school.

Classes are offered at 5 sessions per season (Fall, Winter and Spring) at $125 per season.

After school gardening classes
Working in the garden
School kid eating radish

Garden Clubs are offered to all students after school from Kindergarten to Gr. 7 with the exception that children ages K to Gr. 2 must attend with a parent or guardian. This helps ensure behaviour management but also helps develop a love for the school garden throughout the community. Family members are offered the opportunity to support the garden throughout the summer months including the ability to harvest veggies from the garden.

Services for this program include:

  • Registration and Attendance Tracking
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Facilitation of a Nature Based Activity in the garden: like the Seed to Table Program, fairy garden making, seed planting or re planting, watering, weeding, soil health, and other nature crafts.

Costs: $100 per session

After School Cooking Classes

After school cooking class
After school cooking classes

Offered to schools and community groups with space that includes a working kitchen with access to a fridge, stove/oven, sink/dish washing area, and enough space to teach up to 12 students starting at age 7 to 13.

Our classes offer a unique way to develop basic life skills of knowing what foods are best for us depending on what our bodies need, what is best for the environment and what we can then share with our families.

We use as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible starting with what is growing in the school garden. Recipes have been designed for students to repeat at home with their families to ensure success.

Classes are taught by chef leaders with backgrounds in holistic nutrition and working with children. Each class features up to 4 recipes ending in a meal shared by the group. Recipes have included: sushi, pasta, salads, appetizers and snacks, lunch ideas, healthy breakfast ideas, smoothies, and ways students can help prep dinners.

Skills developed include knife skills, safe food handling, measuring, setting the table, washing dishes, reading recipes and table manners.

Proud to join cooking classes

We have worked with other organizations to create connections to food with

Study Buddies


Thank you so very much as always for sending out the recipes. Connor made the chocolate when we got home after school one day. He took out a pot and bowl and created a double boiler. πŸ™‚ Thank you for holding these classes. They have been so valuable and fun for my kids. They have been helping me cook. πŸ™‚ We are so lucky to have you in our school! Thank you!
Johanna Kwan
Forest Grove Elementary Parent
Jeremy had a really good week in camp with you. Aside from Beavers, the classes and camps are the one thing he likes to do. He says no to anything else I ask him if he wants to sign up for but he consistently says yes to cooking classes and camps. There are still the days though that he says he doesn't want to go, but inevitably after every class he tells me that he had so much fun. Today was no exception!
Martha Wismer
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