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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have a garden space at our school that has not been used in a long time. Are you able to provide a class to help us re establish the space?

A: Yes, it is best to connect with us via phone to discuss in more detail what your intentions are with the space and how many classes would like to get involved. Please note however, that we are now only offering whole school programs instead of 1 class only being serviced as we find this to be more sustainable for both the school and as an organization. See our Consultation link for details.

Q: What is the cost to build a school garden?

A: Depending on how many boxes you require, your District’s policies on building gardens and what you already have, the costs can vary. We prefer to use the Life Space Garden Boxes as a start which provide self watering boxes made from local sustainable materials. Life Space also offers discounts on DIY boxes for students/teachers to build together which link project based learning.

Q: Do you offer workshops for teachers to learn how grow food for our school?

A: Yes, a workshop can be created for a Professional Development Day to teachers in your school or District. Costs vary from $250 to $500 depending on the scope, number of participants, materials and supplies needed. The workshop can cover a variety of information including best practices for what to grow year round, how to engage the community, lessons and curriculum links as well as info on grant writing to fund your project.

Q: Do you have any cooking classes for my child to register in?

A: We create a 5 session seasonal program for a school or community group based on a minimum of 10 students per session to be a viable program at a cost of $125/student per season. If you would like this program to be offered at your school, please send us an email (barb(at)sproutingchefs(dot)com) with connections to your school principal, school community coordinator or other main contact to discuss further.

Q: I oversee an organization that has youth who want to learn how to cook. Are you available to teach a class to them?

A: We prefer to create a series of classes for groups with a minimum of 10 participants. Individual workshops are not preferred.

Q: What schools offer your After School Cooking Classes? Does my child have to attend the school to participate?

A: Forest Grove Elementary in North Burnaby is our main school where these classes are offered. Your child does not need to attend the school but needs to be close enough to arrive at the class that starts at 3 pm. We are ok with students arriving by 3:15 pm if they really want to participate.

Q: Do I have to pack a lunch and or snack for my child each day of camp?

A: Lunch and snacks are part of the day’s programming as campers basically cook what they will be eating for lunch. We understand that some campers haver limited palates and may not want to eat all the food offered. A detailed day to day menu is sent out a week before the camp after we receive camper information forms where we ask what each camper is most excited about cooking. Please review the menus each day with your child to ensure what we are making will satisfy their hunger. We do our best to create meals that kids like to eat which also highlight certain veggies in season and that are local. As each meal is served, we gently try to ensure each child tries something even if it’s a bite before judging if they like it.

Q: My child has certain allergies. What can be offered if my child cannot eat certain foods?

A: Our forms include a question about allergies. It’s really important these forms are filled out with as much detail as possible. All dietary restrictions are taken into consideration before the final menu is created. If there are kids in the camps who have certain dietary restrictions, it is best to tell us what they CAN eat so we can work around that. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free options are always available.

Q: Do we have to purchase or bring an apron?

A: No, purchasing an apron is completely optional. We always have plenty of aprons available for all our campers. If your child would like to bring their own, they are responsible for keeping it clean and safe each day.

Q: My child is not a fan of yoga. Do they have to come for the whole day or can they just come for the cooking part of the day?

A: Encourage your child to try the first 2 days of our camps to see if it’s the right fit. Our yoga classes are not the typical classes an adult will go to as our instructors also include some discussion about our theme of the day (Trust, Patience, Confidence, Self Care/Peace and Gratitude) as well as other activities that get your body moving in the morning or incorporate a fun craft like glitter jars and peace flags. Our older students have really enjoyed these classes which sometimes include a bit of acro yoga which challenges them as a group. Super fun!

If after the first few classes, your child is still not keen on the yoga part of camp, we can discuss some options. Our main concern is that everyone has fun and remains respectful of all the other participants.

Q: Can I get a tax receipt for your camps and classes?

A: Yes, receipts are sent out at the end of the summer after all camps are completed as email PDF’s

Q: Do we get copies of the recipes?

A: Yes, PDF copies of the recipes featured during the week are sent out via email to the parents. Campers sometimes take the time to record a recipe or 2 they like during our Journal/Cookbook time in the afternoons.

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